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FOSDEM 2024 Testing and Continuous Delivery Developer Room


Testing and Continuous Delivery devroom is coming again to FOSDEM. This room is about building better software through a focus on testing and continuous delivery practices across all layers of the stack. The purpose of this devroom is to share good and bad examples around the question “how to improve quality of our software by automating tests, deliveries or deployments” and to showcase new open source tools and practices. Note: for FOSDEM 2024 this devroom is a merger between the former Testing and Automation and Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment devrooms and is jointly co-organized between devroom managers in previous FOSDEM editions!


Since this devroom has been a regular at FOSDEM, here are some ideas of what we would like to see, and what worked in prior years, they're just ideas though. Check out the Archive for inspiration.

Testing in the real, open source world

Cool Tools (good candidates for lightning talks)


FOSDEM 2024 will be hosted in person at ULB Solbosch Campus, Brussels, Belgium.



Please submit one (or more) 30-40 minute talk proposal(s) OR one (or more) 10 minute lightning talk proposal(s) by 23:59 UTC on December 10th 2023. We will notify all those submitting proposals about their acceptance by December 15th 2023.

To submit a talk proposal (you can submit multiple proposals if you'd like) use Pretalx, the FOSDEM paper submission system. Be sure to select Testing and Continuous delivery otherwise we won't see it!

Selecting Testing and Continuous Delivery track

You can create an account, or use an existing account if you already have one.

Please note: FOSDEM is a FLOSS community event, by and for the community, please ensure your topic is appropriate (i.e. this isn't the right forum for commercial product presentations)